Website Management

After your website has been designed, built and launched, it’s going to require regular maintenance. The factors that determine site performance are always changing as search algorithms, consumer taste and technology evolve.

If you’re looking to outsource, having a webmaster on-call can be a huge weight off your shoulders.

How It Works

After you contact us, we’ll perform a site audit. Once we understand the level of maintenance required, we’ll work with you to build a custom management plan that fit your needs and your budget. 

How Much It Costs

Website Management is an ongoing service billed monthly or annually. Depending on the scope, pricing will vary. So, below are a few of the primary website management services we offer.

Basic Maintenance

Maintaining the health and performance of your website is important.

That’s Why We Offer:

  • Regular Backups
  • Software Updates
  • Regular Health Checks
  • Monthly Performance Reports
  • Server Management
  • SSL Certificate Installation

Client Support

Things don’t always run smoothly, but having the right tools will make fixing problems easy.

That’s Why We Offer:

  • Trouble Shooting 
  • Emergency Tech Support
  • WordPress Training
  • Domain Registration and Hosting

Content and Marketing

Creating blogs, integrating new features and updating content provide major SEO bnefits. 

That’s Why We Offer:

  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Website Redesigns
  • Content Development
  •  Social Media and Google My Business Integration