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How We Prove ROI

x Real Numbers And Real Results

Social Media ROI is notorious for being difficult to track and measure. This is why we’ve started sharing all our results on our website. This way, you get an accurate idea of what you’re paying for.


You may have noticed that when we report follower counts, they are notated like this 235(+)

Because follower counts change daily, we use the number of followers that account had before we got involved (for example, 235) and add a ‘+‘ in brackets. This way, you know that every follower past that point was earned during the period we provided Social Media Management Services.

While some companies report growth as a percentage, we find this a little inaccessible for small business owners because an extra five followers can translate to a growth rate of 41% for some accounts


Vanity metrics like follower counts, views and impressions are valuable. But engagement (likes, shares and comments) are the best way to put those numbers in perspective.

These specific metrics measure ‘active’ participation. This is the kind of behaviour that leads to purchasing decisions and returns customers.

Engagement rates measure the total activity SMM content recieves in relation to how many followers you have.

There are many different ways to calculate engagement, but we prefer a modified version for calculating the Average Daily ER. This custom formula allows us to gauge how often your followers interact with your content daily rather than how they interact with a specific post.

We like to play the long game around here.✌️

Here’s how we calculate it;

1. We add all the activity you’ve received on your last 18 posts.

2. Divide by the number of followers you have multiplied by 18.

3. Then multiply it all by 100 to get a percentage.

What Is A Good Engagement Rate?

Most Social Media Managers agree that a healthy engagement rate is between 1% and 5%. Small businesses with under 100 000 followers can usually hit these numbers quickly. But once you start growing, your engagement rate will drop significantly.

This is why comparing companies in similar industries and with similar audience sizes is essential to put your results into perspective.