JAPCO Pest Control Ltd.

Painting: Team of JAPCO Pest Control technicians standing in front of their black work trucks and the Calgary skyline.

About the Project

JAPCO Pest Control is a family-operated company serving Edmonton, Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. With over 35 years of experience, their highly trained and licensed technicians are some of the best in the industry. This year we will be managing their social media marketing.

The Problem

Previously, the company managed its social media presence and advertising in-house. After years of unprecedented growth, their team had become overwhelmed. Staying on top of a gruelling upload schedule while preforming other essential responsibilities was becoming an impossibility.

Unfortunately, finding people that understand how to advertise in this industry is hard. Most pest control companies are small teams of 2-5 people that don’t have enough time to dedicate to managing their marketing efforts. And when big pest control companies do hire a marketing team, they tend to hire in-house, for life.

Initially, we were brought on as consultants to help JAPCO with some miscellaneous projects back in 2019. While we did manage their social media accounts for about six months, we were working closely with JAPCO staff to ensure a smooth transition once a larger marketing agency could be hired.

This year we’re excited to be back. After a thorough social media audit, we’re going to be rolling out new ad campaigns and social media content this summer. If you want to check out their social media accounts right now, just click one of the icons below. 👇

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