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x Do You Want to Make Killer Content?

Oil painting of a white, red and black futuristic keyboard with 'we're looking for freelancers' caption.

Working with us is as simple as;


Message us on one of our social media pages or add us on Linkedin!

We want to get to know you.


Let your work speak for itself. We’re not big on degrees or fancy qualifications.


We aren’t exactly drowning in projects.

But when we find the perfect one, you’ll be at the top of our list.


We are always looking for fresh talent to partner with because we believe in letting professionals do what they do best—make killer content and get paid.

No unpaid internships. No spec work. If you’re good at what you do, we want to work with you. For real.

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As an independent contractor, your time is your own. Why? Because you’re an adult!

We don’t micromanage. You can decide how and when you work. You can turn down jobs you’re not interested in, no questions asked. But with that freedom comes an expectation of integrity.

Business owners trust us. It matters when we miss deadlines, make mistakes, or treat them poorly. As a company, we feel responsible for our client’s success.

So, we’re committed to providing additional resources and training as needed.✌️

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We hire subcontractors for three kinds of projects: influencer marketing, set project pricing and hourly work. 

Ideally, you’ll come to us with your rates, and we’ll pay you. Easy as that. If you’re new to setting your rates, we’ll do our best to match whatever the going rate for your services would be in our area (Calgary, AB).

🙏 Please, don’t undersell yourself. We understand everyone has bills to pay, and you deserve to make what you’re worth.

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We started as two college kids, tired of being passed over for the work we love. Today, that fatigue has helped us deliver exciting new ideas and build a company that focuses on a healthier work-life balance.

We build marketing plans that help small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their businesses. We solve problems we’re passionate about and help business owners do what they love every single day.

We don’t have all the answers. There are tons of things we haven’t tried. But if you believe in your idea, we will challenge and support you because at RLK we bet on people.🎲


Want to stay updated on new opportunities? 

Job Board— Royal LaKill Inc.


Work From Home (Canada)

We’re looking for niche blog posts on the following topics; small business solutions, internet and pop culture, subculture highlights and interview articles.

If you’re interested in writing about obscure corners of the internet—send the pitch for your first article idea to

Think SAM or that Furuba Tumblr blog someone put way too much time into.

Graphic Illustrator

Work From Home (Canada)

Calling all artists! We’re looking for short Heavy Metal “zine” style comic strips and cover illustrations in the horror, mystery, science-fiction and fantasy genres.

Submissions should be;

  • 1-8 pages max
  • 1600 by 2560 px 
  • PDF Format

Please include your rate per page and any relevant social media channels or portfolio links you’d like included when you email us at

Student Interns

Unpaid (Calgary, AB)

If you are a current or graduated post-secondary student seeking entry-level work experience in SEO, copywriting, Social Media Management, Graphic/Illustrative Design or Content Marketing, we would be happy to help you fill your course requirements!

All student interns will receive;

  • Three to Four months of hands-on work experience.
  • One-on-one training and portfolio review.
  • Access to supplemental training materials.
  • A letter of recommendation.

Note: This is only for students who are looking for mentors or need to fill course requirements. If you’re already freelancing, pitch us instead!

Please include course requirements, availability and some idea of what you hope to gain from your time with us when you email