Three Easy Ways to Access Your Work Emails With GreenGeeks - How to

Three Easy Ways to Access Your Work Emails With GreenGeeks WebHosting- How to

Three Easy Ways to Access Your Work Emails With GreenGeeks Hosting – How To

If you’re a WordPress user hosting your website on GreenGeeks this one is for you.

Usually, when we finish testing a client’s website, we’ll set up email forwarders and enable POP3 protocols, so all the emails people send to your address get forwarded to your preferred inbox automatically.

But knowing how to log into your email server client can be really helpful if you;

✅ Think you might not be receiving all your emails.

✅ Accidentally deleted an important message you need to recover.

✅ Are learning how to perform routine website maintenance.

Accessing Your Webmail Client Directly with A URL

The two easiest ways to access your webmail client are by visiting either of these URLs:




*Note: Replace “” with your website address.


The third way to access your Webmail account is by logging into your GreenGeeks hosting account and accessing Cpanel through their back end.

Screenshot of Where to find the GreenGeeks login button

How to Log in to Your Hosting Account

Logging into your GreenGeeks hosting account is pretty straightforward. 

You can visit and click the login button or bookmark the link to the login page.

Once you’ve used your account info to log into the GreenGeeks dashboard, you can access Cpanel right from the dashboard.

GreenGeeks Login page screenshot
How to find the Cpanel button on your GreenGeeks hosting dashboard.

How to Find Your Email Accounts in Cpanel

The Cpanel button is smack dab in the middle of your GreenGeeks hosting dashboard. And once you click, it should take you to the Cpanel dashboard, where several tools are listed.

Locate the “Email Accounts” button and click it.


How to find the Email Accounts button in the Cpabel Dashboard

From here, it should pull up a list of email accounts attached to your domain. 

Select “Check Email” and a email client similar to Gmail or Microsoft Office will open up. 

Here you’ll be able to view and manage all emails stored on the server for that address.


How to log into a Webmail Client through the Cpanel backend
Screenshot of Roundcube Webmail application inbox

Accessing your Cpanel Email Accounts is also the place you need to go if you’ve lost, forgotten or weren’t given login information for your email account(s) and need to reset your password and username.

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