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x By Seeking Out Causes With the Most Potential for Real Change

Giving back is hard. Even if you have the best intentions, the landscape is oversaturated with charitable organizations and career opportunities championing seemingly noble causes.

But, in practice, quite a few of them are plagued by misinformation, unrealistic expectations, inefficient structures that consume donated funds and more than a few accountability concerns.

Still, we believe anyone can be an architect for real, lasting change as long as we work together and put our efforts towards advocating for and supporting projects that approach giving with research-driven, thoughtful solutions.

Criteria For Non-Profits and Charitable Giving

Because we’re dedicated to seeking out high-impact causes and organizations, there are a few rules to how we approach charitable giving in and around the community.

  • We Believe in Giving Directly. Instead of organizing through professional fundraisers, we’d rather give you the information so you can donate directly. This ensures total transparency on our end AND that every dollar you donate has the opportunity to do the most good.
  • We Look for Concrete, Tangible Solutions. Often, the programs we support are focused on volunteer efforts or giving that goes directly to providing materials, services and access to higher education. 

With luck, a little focus and good-faith research, we want to help ourselves and others do big things.

The Organizations and Projects We Love

Title page for "You're Probably Not Using ALL Your Blood Anyways- And Other Weird Reasons to Donate"

Canadian Blood Services 🩸

We believe there are many excellent reasons to donate blood, whether you choose to use Canadian Blood Services or another organization. 

Even a single donation of your time and a little bit of plasma can save up to three lives. And it’s one of the few truly impactful ways to give back that costs nothing.

80, 000 Hours 💼

80 000 Hours is a unique not-for-profit dedicated to researching career opportunities and skill sets where people can do the most good.